Orlando is one of our stars still looking for a home and a family of his own to spoil him. At 18 weeks he his house trained, lead trained, full of go. A bright little loving spark who loves cuddles and would love a home with someone who has time to help him grow into a lovely young man pod, as any puppy does.

He is fully vaccinated, health checked, blood tested and regularly wormed. He is with Saving the Gran Canarias Podencos.


5 By Design - Lena Tastard, Brodie


Brodie was close to death before he was rescued.  He had been abandoned and forgotten at a veterinary practice with severe leg injuries. Two of his legs were beyond repair, and one was amputated recently. But that doesn't stop him from running like the wind!

5 By Design - Lena Tastard, Smiley


Smiley was given up by a young boy did not know how to look him. He was covered head to toe in ticks and desperate for food, Smiley brought joy to everyone he met. Everybody wanted to keep him! He is now in a loving family in the US.

5 By Design - Higham Chajai, Anna


This beautiful calligraphy piece was designed for Anna, a beautiful saluki who loved hugs.  Translated, the words mean Respect, Love & Rescue.

5 By Design - Lena Tastard, Harlow


Harlow has come a long way and patiently waited almost a year with her fantastic foster mother before she finally found her forever home in Texas.  Good luck sweet girl.

5 By Design - Higham Chajai, Lucius


Lucius was an example of irresponsible breeders. When he could no longer breed, they tossed him outside their front door and left him there. Lucius did not know what to do or where to go so stayed where he was and slowly starved.

Some children called a local TNR lady to come and rescue him. She did her best but his organs were so damaged from malnutrition and neglect he could not survive. He was a brave cat who despite all he had been through still managed to show his rescuer love and gratitude.

5 By Design - Kit


Kit was found with an open skull. Her rescuer lovingly nursed her back to health over many months with the healing powers of Manuka! She is one very lucky cat today.

 5 By Design - Mia


Mia, Mia, Mia, a true international star known for her expressive looks… imagine a sloth on caffeine!



Rosco is one of our local street dogs. Friendly as can be. Loved by all yet still looking for his forever home.


For anyone who has ever had an Afghan Hound you know how goofy they can be. Yet still so sweet and gentle. So many people requested an Afghan Hound sketch from Lena, we simply had to comply.


5 By Design - Diego


Diego, a happy and bouncy super kissy dog who is warm and kind.


Habibi was found on the steps of a villa in Qatar, dirty and bloodied from a fight with a large local Tomcat. He was a pathetic tiny kitten with a huge wound in his side that looked awful and was oozing horribly...he looked on death's door, but the homeowner and her children scooped him up and took him to the local vet.  
They did not expect him to survive as he was in such a terrible way and looked so dreadful...but he was a fighter and came through the operation well. He went to his new home with a shaved body and wearing a huge plastic cone on his head. The first thing that he did was run away - the little monkey - but he was promptly found cowering under a bush in the garden. He quickly became a part of the family and was fortunate to move with them when they relocated to the UK.  His family cannot be without him even though he is a prickly personality!