Percy The Pangolin

A warm welcome to our first endangered species here at 5 By Design

Despite his strange scaly appearance, Percy is not a reptile. Pangolins, often called “scaly anteaters,” are covered in tough, overlapping scales. These burrowing mammals eat ants and termites using an extraordinarily long, sticky tongue, and are able to quickly roll themselves up into a tight ball when threatened.

You may not have heard much about this beautiful creature but sadly Man takes his toll on the pangolin, which is thought to be a purveyor of magic and charms. Over the past decade one million pangolins are believed to have been illegally trafficked, making it the most trafficked mammal in the world. Coupled with massive deforestation, this has led to a devastating decrease in the numbers of pangolins in their natural habitat.

All eight species of pangolin are classified as threatened to extinction. Many attempts have been made to reproduce pangolins in captivity, but due to their reliance on wide-ranging habitats and very particular diets, these attempts are often unsuccessful.

Thankfully there are many conservation and charitable organisations trying to save this extraordinary creature and we are here to support them in their quest.

This beautiful artistic representation of Percy is by the very talented Sanjana Baijnath 

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Wear him proudly and know you are doing some good at the same time.



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